About Us

Eva Serementaki is the Founder of “zanial healing with the universe”
Her base is in Greece, a crossroads of East and West.
Eva is a Wellness coach.

Intuitive from an early age, for the last 16 years she has been training in energy therapies, Quantum, Systemic Constellation, Aromatherapy with doterra oils, Angel healing, Shamanic Medicine, Cacao Ceremony, Reiki Teacher.

As a Researcher of Truth through many paths she aims to coordinate with the Universe and create my own personal wheel.

Since 2011 she has been organizing gatherings locally and globally, coordinating groups, training in energy healing locally and online, she loves to share wisdom and knowledge with an open heart and generous spirit.

She has the ability to see the deepest pain, fear and anxieties, setting free the mind, body and soul from generations of old trauma.

Through various approaches, she helps people find the key to discover the treasure within and connect with their heart by developing confidence and well-being.

She urges people like the Phoenix to rise from their ashes and become guides of their own lives.


The difference between the “Mind” and a cinema screen is that we are personally involved in the project because it is our life. The inner sense of I is built from images of the past, from all our fears, hopes, wishes, dreams, loves and frustrations that everyone calls “My Own”. If you get rid of these images of the past, something from “My” remains: one who makes the decisions, the screen, the silent witness, there is an untouchable core inside that strives to be found.

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