Eva Serementaki is the creator to method “Healing your universe with Pendulum”

Pendulum Reading is a great way to connect with the universal energy and your higher self. Pendulum readings are mainly used for finding answers and for spiritual guidance.

Pendulum dowsing is a great way to allow your conscious self to work closely with God.

How you will be helped:

you will connect to the source energy and you will understand universal truths.

To breakthrough life purpose, health, relationships, business, erase childhood trauma.

Level 1

is a practitioner’s open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is on opening one’s energy channels on a physical level, allowing the student to connect to:

  • the universal life force energy,
  • Your guardian angel,
  • Master Hillarion,
  • Archangel Samuel
  • ?each you to create your sacred space and universal.
  • How to choose the right pendulum
  • How to use pendulum

As the goal of the Level 1  designation, is to encourage students to focus on practicing on themselves, thereby working through their own obstacles, with the tools in this class.

Level 2   The focus during Level 2 is an expanded opening of one’s energy channels on a physical level.  With this technique, allowing the student to:

Easily transform the negative information on positive information, without time-consuming treatments. With a very simple method.

We hold, since a very long time, images (stories, roles) imprisoned inside of us.

We learn to release them to set them free with love.

This method helps you to remember how to find your own power, your own medicine.  It helps you to begin enjoy every moment, rejoice the Present and acknowledge that all things are alive and play a part for the benefit of the whole, and transmit energies to the environment.

It help our function  to transform the energies which exist inside us to light.

The glory of the human soul is its ability to travel through time (past images), to turn back and look and take something that it missed out before, something that will change the now. So this is what makes a human capable of looking inside the mirror and seeing himself through a different angle, with a new awareness

We hope that you use this course for the highest good of all concerned.

Thank you.