Classes On Shaminism


This is a 4 day course and is offered in four parts throughout the year. One day for each direction – South, East, West & North.

You come to understand the high level of integrity and ethics that come with stepping into the role of the shaman. You see how the unhealed parts of your being make you vulnerable and learn to clear these imprints so you no longer fall victim to abuses of power in the world. You learn how to shine the light on the dark, shadowy elements of life to bring balance and walk with beauty in the world.

*We offer this class with the authentic Qeros Shaman from Peru. 

Days 1-4.


What we learn – in this portion of the course we learn to shed the past the way the Serpent sheds its skin. We come to recognize and release the stories that have shaped our lives, freeing ourselves to step fully into the present moment.

This portion represents growth and nurturance. The element of life is earth and the time of the day is noon as the sun shines and nurtures all plants and life. It reminds us to be kind as we nurture all living things, thus sweet grass is the gift brought to us by this direction.

The colour of the south is Red. The Aboriginal people were gifted with foresight; the ability to use the gifts brought to us by summer to prepare for the harvests of the autumn and the long nights in the winter.


What we learn - we’ll let go of limiting core beliefs and projections and learn to fully manifest our dreams through energy, awareness and intent. We’ll move beyond our personal healing work to step into our roles and responsibilities as Earthkeepers and stewards.

This portion of the course represents all beginnings, both new and renewed.  In the east the sun rises and a new day begins so it is the place for the element of fire. Spring is the time of rebirth and new beginnings and it begins in the Eastern Doorway. In the beginning of all things, we are in a good state of mind, learning and growing and in awe of all things; thus the East represents mental health and well-being.

Yellow is the colour of the Eastern Doorway as is the sun and the race of people.  The Oriental race was gifted with knowledge.

The stages of life in the eastern doorway are birth and childhood as infants and children represent purity, innocence, beginnings and knowledge untouched by the world we live in.


What we learn - the way of the Jaguar, we step beyond our karmic and genetic inheritance, honoring the gifts and releasing the wounds of our ancestors, journeying beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing for a life of our choosing.

This portion of the course represents change, death, understanding and clarity.  In the West, the sun sets and thus the day dies as does all intentions and deeds performed during that day.  Before we finish our day we cleanse ourselves with the element of life that is water. Reminds us to respect change and death with acceptance and understanding; thus sage is the medicinal gift to assist us in clearing our minds, heart and inner beings.

Change can be both challenging and overwhelming as is understanding and respecting death and decay within the fabric of life; thus the Western Doorway promotes emotional health and well-being.

Dark Blue is the colour of this direction as is the night sky by the light of the moon and the race of people with the blue aura is the Black people who carry the gift of sight.


What we learn - we’ll learn to step outside the confines of linear time, reconnecting through ceremony with our origins and ancient memories. How to journey to Infinity, the place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists.

This portion represents rest, reflection, wisdom and sharing.  In the north the nights are long and the winds are cool.  They remind us that our bodies and the earth must rest in order to renew so the element of life gifted from here is air.

While all most plants and animals are resting during the long nights of winter, the cedar tree continues to bear its green branches.  Cedar bows brings the medicine that renews the spirit and protects us from infection or illness that the cold season may bring; thus the Northern Doorways gift is cedar.

While the elders rest and share the stories and traditions of the people we must take the time to reflect within, thus the Northern Doorway promotes spiritual health and well-being.

White is the colour of the North as is the snow that blankets the earth and the race of people that belong to this doorway.  The White people have the gift of swiftness and speed.

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