A Four Day Renaissance – The Circle of Death and Life

This is the time you all expect, today, not tomorrow. Come to start the journey to the inner self, travel to the inner, unknown Universe. Come to discover together the God and the Goddess within. Come to become happy kings by recognizing the true kingdom within us, recognizing the real treasure hidden within us, but you still have not found it, yes it’s true we all have the right to happiness, yes it’s true we all have something special, that humanity and Earth needs it, now, not tomorrow, that is the purpose that you came to serve, the God, the Goddess and happiness is one, the love is the key to happiness.

Recover the pieces of the soul which have been blocked in ancestral roots. Farewell of favorite alive that keep our energy.
Initiation ceremony of death.
Astral travel.
Revival of birth.
Connecting with Higher Self & message about the purpose of life.
Sharing of the gift for which we have come to offer.
During the seminar, there are daily routines and roles that we all undertake.

The motto of the Seminar: One for All, and All for One

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The passion in life.
Why Doterra Passion ?
This Question Can Change Your Life And The World
Gregg Braden We’re living a time in the history of our civilization in the history of this world and the experts will tell us it’s a time unlike any other in 5,000 years of human history, never have we been faced with so many major crises, that must be solved all within a very short period of time.
From the collapse of the global economic system that’s happening now, to the way we deal with climate change, to disappearance of resources vital resources, that must be shared between people how we solve our problems in the Middle East and other places in the world, without the use of war and many other crises were faced with right now, the way that we solve our problems as individuals, as communities, between nations, it’s really not that much different, we tend to solve every problem in our lives, through the lens that we determine describes our relationship with the world, we all have a way of looking at the world and when we look through the lens of our experience to the world that determines how we solve our problems, here’s why this is important if you live in the modern world much of our lens comes from the science of the last 150 years.
New discoveries now are showing where the science of the last 150 years, in some cases is incorrect in some cases the science is wrong, if we cannot incorporate the new discoveries, into the way we think of ourselves and see the world then how can we solve these problems that we’re looking at today so people ask me, Greg the world is changing what does it mean for our jobs what does it mean for our careers what’s it mean for the way we we deal with our families and where do we put our passion and how do we how do we deal with this new world that’s emerging this is this is my answer to them the false assumptions of science have led us to believe that, we’re separate from ourselves powerless, over our bodies were separate from one another, we’re separate from the world, around us that civilization is linear, it’s happened time and we’re them the pinnacle and most sophisticated civilization that’s ever been here and that violent competition is the way to solve our problems those are the old light is the false assumptions our own science is now telling us, every one of those is incorrect the new science is showing us that we are deeply connected to our own bodies, we’re deeply connected to one another, we’re deeply connected with the earth, that civilization is cyclic and if we have the wisdom to recognize the cycles in the past we can learn from that and apply what our ancestors learn to our world today and here maybe the most important of all the best science of our time is showing us that, nature is not based upon darwin’s idea of survival of the strongest, it is based upon a model that biologists call cooperation and mutual aid competition happens that we’ve all seen it, but it happens in response to special conditions, special circumstance it’s not the rule of nature.
Ok here’s why this is important if we can embrace the new discoveries the best science of today that tells us were connected to ourselves, we’re connected to one another, we’re connected to the earth, that we live in the world of cooperation, that changes the way we’ve been taught to think of ourselves in the world so when we ask ourselves what do I do  what do I do in my life how do I choose a job how do I choose a career the world is changing what I used to do I can’t do anymore, what do I do now those are good questions.
In the old way of thinking we would ask ourselves this question,
The question is what can I get from the world that exists consciously or subconsciously,
that becomes a part of the way we think what can I get from the world that exists the new discoveries of science now give us a reason to change that question so here’s the new question rather than saying,
what can I get from the world,
that exists the question now is,
what can I do what can I share what can I contribute what can I offer to the world that’s emerging the way we answer that question changes everything.
The way we answer that question opens the door to new possibilities not limited to what our degreeis in or what our training is in or how much money we have.
It opens the door to the possibility of where our passion may lead because we’re not saying how could I be rewarded.
We’re saying what do I have to contribute and by virtue of that contribution we are rewarded in life and that happens time and time again so I’d like to give an example let me give avery clear example.
I live in a rural area my wife and I live in a rural area, farming community, in northern New Mexico, in the United States.
The economic collapse 2008 hit everyone very hard.
In our community friend of mine was a builder, he built homes for people.
In 2008 was the first year there were no permits, zero permits for new homes, In northern New Mexico.
He said what am I going to do he said I am a builder, he says I work with my hands I build homes.
I build good homes.
He said people don’t need homes now.
So he asked himself the question. What can I share with the world that’s emerging what do people need He said you know, people don’t need homes right now, because they already have the.
He said that people need to learn to grow their own food.
People were learning they couldn’t grow food the inters were bad the food was priced high.
He said I’m going to take the skills that I learned to build homes and build green houses all kinds of green houses.
He said I’m going to build some that are small, that people can put in their kitchen on their counter.
I’m going to build bigger ones that you can piece together in his modules you can have as many as you want.
I’m going to build them so that people can use them twelve months out of the year.
They’re enclosed no matter how hot or how cold it is and this is precisely.
What he has done and he is more successful now building green houses, for people to help them live healthy lives, than he ever was building homes.
I don’t know if he’ll ever build a home again or not because now this is his passion and all he did was asked the question.
What can I share with the world How can my passion and my skills support What the world needs now to do,that he had the let go of the idea.
That he was clinging to of what he had done in the past.
And it’s an invitation for all of us. I asked myself this question every day at least once a day, sometimes more, what can I give in this situation how can I contribute to this I’m not saying what’s in it for me Because what I know is that.
If I can share with the world around me in some way, that the world around me is now going to support. What it is that I hope to achieve and that is a community, whether it’s my family, whether it’s my neighbors, whether it’s between nations.
Support a community where these principles are deeply ingrained and where we learn to cooperate and help one another, get through one of the most difficult times in the history of the world.
what can I give to the world that’s emerging that’s the question

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