T h e S y s t e m i c  Q u a n t u m H e a l i n g

gives us the tools to make our consciousness subtle and flexible,

and to enter into the Field of  ultiple and Crossed  rajectory of Spacetime,

restoring-with a beneficial way-our karmic records during our incarnations

and developing our minds and our lives in a very high level of evolution .

Through the Systemic Quantum Therapy is attempted and achieved

a  igh Conscious Path through the Archetypes,

and the symbols wich involved in this Pathway,

are typical sigils for our karmic records and using them,

we succeed the cleaning of the Akashic files with a kind of

”quantum eraser”,

so we are reaching on higher evolutionary biological ,

cognitive , mental and spiritual levels.

We succeed excellent health ,

clarity of spirit ,

intuition ,

serenity ,


filling your life and the life of others who associated with us with positive thinking,

success and rapture in every part of biological,

social and spiritual life.

Video from movie ”Another Life”

the movie that explain Systemic Constellation


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